1/32 21st century Marders...where did they come from...

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1/32 21st century Marders...where did they come from...

Post by c44 » Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:40 pm

...and where did they go?

Anyone notice about a month ago a whole lot of vendors (almost exclusively from China) selling Marders with the Hildegard markings but often listed as brand names other than 21CT (like Magideal and MonkeyJack)? These were going at incredibly cheap prices (some under $14) and seemed to be unboxed. They showed up on both Amazon & E-Bay, with some of the Amazon vendors having scarily low feedback ratings. Lately the number of sellers has dried up to just a few.

Makes me wonder, did a bunch of happy buyers snatch all of these up at incredibly low prices, or did Amazon & E-bay get wind of a bootleg production and stop sales?
And if legit, are these reissues and will we see more?
Or none of the above?

Here's a couple of links, but they may not stay current...

https://www.ebay.com/sch/Toys-Hobbies/2 ... 1&_fosrp=1

https://www.amazon.com/MagiDeal-Diecast ... 50Y3DSWXW0

https://www.amazon.com/SM-SunniMix-Mili ... 1576907014

and check out a similar listing for 1/32 Hetzers


Anybody got an insight?
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Re: 1/32 21st century Marders...where did they come from...

Post by [CAT]CplSlade » Sat Dec 21, 2019 1:56 pm

Well, the molds probably got dispersed amongst the creditors owed money when 21st collapsed and who knows what might have happened to some of them. China doesn't have the best record with things like that when it comes to who owns what copyright or property. Since this is the first time I've seen this piece offered as a new item in a while, maybe someone finally got around to looking in the container the molds were packed up in? Think about how the leftovers from the Toys'R'Us bankruptcy are taking a while to process through the bargain shops? You have to pay people to unload all those semis and un-pallet the cases and then unbox every case followed by inventory of what was received. Not to mention planning what to do with what you end up with. And this mold probably didn't seem a priority since the 1/18 stuff is still in the highest demand and the aircraft command the highest prices.

Just an idea.

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Re: 1/32 21st century Marders...where did they come from...

Post by dragon53 » Sat Dec 21, 2019 2:46 pm

I got the 1/32 Marder "Hildegard" on ebay for $15.36 (after a 15% ebay discount promotion) with free shipping in December, 2018. It arrived in a 21st Century box.
Before that, I got the 1/48 version of Hildegard for about half the price of the 1/32 version.
About 1-2 years ago, many Chinese ebay sellers were offering a loose bunch of 21st Century 1/32 pilots and tank crewmen. I got one pack for only $3.50 with free shipping.

I've followed NECA Alien Queen figures on ebay for over a year. The genuine NECA Alien Queen goes for over $150 delivered, but I've seen Chinese ebay sellers offer them for as low as about $15 including free shipping---the sure sign it's a knockoff or the listing is phony.

On the MH3 diecast forum, some members have posted Chinese ebay listings for Hobby Master 1/72 A-26 Counter Invaders, etc. for maybe $25------and later the seller and its listings were deleted by ebay, so it was a scam from the beginning.

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