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German WWI 77mm gun

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2023 8:33 am
by aferguson
Palmer Plastics made a model kit they called 75mm WWI artillery piece, 1/24 scale. Turns out, it's actually a decent model of a German 77mm gun used during WWI and it's almost exactly 1/18 scale. It's simplified a bit of course but it's a pretty decent replica. These guns were used by Germany throughout the war but especially in the early years as they were lighter than their allied counterparts and helped Germany with their mobile warfare plans. Once the war bogged down into the trenches, it was at a disadvantage to allied guns in both rate and weight of fire.

Anyway, the problem with this kit of course will be finding German dudes to crew it. But for anyone interested, it's a novel piece for your collection. The kits can be found on Ebay for usually around $20. Life Like reissued the kit a few years after Palmer went belly up, so you can search for it under either Palmer or Life Like.