Keep Em Flying - P-51 Mustang

Keep Em Flying - P-51 Mustang

"Keep 'Em Flying - P-51 Mustang"

FeaturingNorth American P-51D Mustang

First built in 1940, this single engined fighter is often debated to be one of the greatest fighter aircraft of all time. The first Mustang prototype was rolled of assembly only 102 days from design to actually built and ready to fly! The Army Air Force didn't have much interest in it after the first tests. The performance wasn't very impressive with the original Allison V-1710 engine that limited high altitude performance. It wasn't until the RAF, who saw the Mustang's potential, fitted it with a Rolls-Royce Merlin engine that the Mustang would go on to make history. Serving in both the European Theater and (while limited) the Pacific Theater of World War 2, this aircraft was truly versatile providing long range escort of bombers, attacking of ground targets, dogfighting the Luftwaffe, and more. Armed with six .50 Cal machine guns and able to carry up to 2,000 pounds of bombs and rockets, the P-51 Mustang served in the US Military through the Korean War. This 32 foot long 37 foot wide fighter has become an iconic symbol of airpower during World War 2 and is one of the most well known aircraft of all time. Over 15,000 Mustangs were built with the last military service of the F-51 Mustang flying for the Dominican Air Force ending in 1984! 
Introducing a new line of Aviation Posters, done up like World War 2 propaganda posters! Following the same theme throughout all the posters, all the major American US Military aircraft in the Army Air Force, Navy, and Marines will be covered. From calls for more production to promoting the latest aircraft and recruitment for pilots; these style of posters became a hallmark of the 1940s. This original retro poster designs pay tribute to these posters with authentic fonts, colors, and designs!
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