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Aviation Art
A special series of aviation posters by Aviation Photographer and Artist Britt Dietz. These posters have been taken from photographs shot at airshows and during air to air shoots and transformed into 1940s/World War 2 style vintage propaganda posters of the time. Many hours go into the creation of these posters, with the utmost attention given to details including the fonts, colors, weathering, and more. From posters like those you might have seen on the walls of factories pumping out hundreds of aircraft every week to modern tributes to the Military aviation branches, this series is perfect for any aviation lover. These aviation artwork pieces are best at large resolutions to be framed and hung on walls.

Keep Em Flying - P-51 Mustang
"Keep 'Em Flying - P-51 Mustang"Featuring: North American P-51D MustangFirst built in 1940, thi..
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