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 forces of valor extras inventory (walls, pzfausts ect) 
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Post forces of valor extras inventory (walls, pzfausts ect)
Hi all,
I admit I start this thread for somewhat selfish reasons. We already have a thread or something similar on another site or forum but I have yet to see it. In th end though I think this would be a valuable database of sorts to help sellers, buyers and collectors keep track of what came with what.
In my case, as of this posting, I am selling almost 25 of my total collection and need to know what diorama accessories went with what AFV or other vehicle.
I could pour over web store and ebay photos of boxed versions, but even then lighting and field of vision prohibit me from seeing all the items that would come with the set.
I wil put up the items along with sku numbers, if you have a boxed version of the item listed (and please add those I don't have on my list as mine is a list of those I am selling and have sold. It is pretty thorough but absent are the modern AFVs and some of the newer models like Elefant and some of the old like the 1st Normandy Sherman
If you need to list a new vehicle please go to the forces of valor website to get sku number and exact name, i just cut and pasted the info after clicking on the tanks thumbnail
when listing, plz be thorough, it is easy to miss that potato masher or wine bottle but anything is better than nothing.
If this list gets completed we can refer to it in the future when selling to make sure the buyers gets the full compliment of items, or if your a buyer to be able to ask the seller and check if all are included, or if a new item is coming out or you plan on buying it online you know what it comes with...some don't even have base plates anymore!
If you are listing an action version please put "action" after the sku for those that are not familiar with the sku system FOV uses.

So if you have any of these in box (i say in box so that the contents are confirmed by and unopened still "complete" by definition example of the item. It just reduces the chance of error or bad memory when listing a 100 accurate inventory

if you wish to take this list and put them in numerical order be my guest
I have just kept nationalities and similar vehicles in groups

just add the info in your post with the vehicle name/sku and I will update it up here with a nod to you at the end as thanks for the info. No need for you to cut and paste the whole list into your post, just what you are updating

#80004 German Tiger I - Normandy
#80304 German Tiger I - E. Front
#80404 German King Tiger 1, 1944 w/ riders

#80001 German King Tiger -Normandy
#80201 German King Tiger-Battle of Germany
#80204 German Tiger I-Russian Front -winter camo
#80301 German King Tiger - Battle of France
#80401 German King Tiger - Battle of Germany
#80501 German King Tiger - Germany, 1944 w/ riders

#80017 German Panzer IV Ausf. F-Russian Front
#80217 German Panzer IV Ausf. F – E. Front
#80317 German Panzer IV Ausf. F -whitewash

#80014 German Panzer IV Ausf. G -Kursk 1943 –
#80214 German Panzer IV Ausf. G - Eastern Front - winter
#80314 German Panzer IV Ausf,G- 1943

#80027 German Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind - Normandy
#80227 German Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind-1944 Poland?

#81006 German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G
#81206 German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G - Bulge
#81306 German Sturmgeschütz III Ausf. G - E front
#80043 German Sturmgeschutz III w/ riders

#80012 German Jagdpanther-Normandy
#80212 German Jagdpanther - Belgium
#80312 German Jagdpanther-Battle of Germany

#80026 German Panther Ausf. G - Germany, 1944
#80226 German Panther Ausf. G (striped version)

#80052 German Elefant
SKN: 80052

#81010 German Sd. Kfz. 251/1 Hanomag- Retired whitewash
#81310 German Sd. Kfz. 251/1 Hanomag - Normandy
#81410 Sd. Kfz. 251/1 Hanomag - Eastern front

#80047 German Sd. Kfz. 7/2 Half-Track
#80247 German SD. Kfz. 7 Half-Track - Normandy, 1944
#80039 German SD Kfz 7/1 Half-Track (flak)

#81510 German Sd. Kfz. 251/9 Kanonenwagen -Hungary
#81210 German Sd. Kfz. 251/9 Kanonenwagen

#80034 German 88mm Flak Gun (gray)
#80234 German 88mm Flak Gun Normandy, 1944 D-Day Series (gelb)

#80018 Russian T-34/85 -Russian Front
#80218 Russian T-34 m85 - Eastern Front
#80318 Russian T-34 m85- East Prussia

#81011 U.K. M3 Grant - North Africa
#81211 U.K. M3 Grant - El Alamein

#81301 U.K. Infantry Tank Mk. II (Matilda)
#81001 U.K. Infantry Tank Mk. II (Matilda)
#91201 "Action Series" U.K. Infantry Tank Mk. II

#85211 U.S. M3 Lee-Tunisia, 1942

#91307 "Action Series" U.S. M4A3 Sherman Tank (camo TRU version)
#81007 U.S. M4A3 Sherman-Normandy
#81207 U.S. M4A3 Sherman - Battle of the Bulge
#80035 U.S. M4A3 Sherman - Normandy w/ riders
#81407 U.K. M4A3 Sherman - Italy

#81004 U.S. M5A1 Stuart- Normandy, 1944

#81003 U.S. M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
#81203 U.S. M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage-Bulge

#81014 U.S. M3A1 Halftrack - Normandy
#81214 U.S. M3A1 Half-Track- Normandy, 1944

#81015 U.S. 105 Howitzer

#80055 U.S. 2 1/2 Ton Cargo Truck D-Day Series
#82003 U.S. Jeep ® Willys ® -Overland-Normandy
#82203 U.S. Jeep ® Willys® -Overland-Bulge
#82004 U.S. Amphibian GP-Normandy

#82001 German Schwimmwagen Type 166-Normandy
#82201 German Schwimmwagen Type 166-Bulge
#82301 German Schwimmwagen Type 166 - France
#82401 German Schwimmwagen Type 166- 1943

#82005 German Kubelwagen Mk 82-Normandy
#82205 German Kubelwagen Type 82 - Normandy
#82305 German Kubelwagen Type 82
#82405 German Kübelwagen Type 82 - Normandy, 1944

#82006 German KS 750 Zundapp Sidecar
#82206 German KS750 Zundapp Side Car


#90002 "action series" U.S. M2A2 Bradley

#91012 "action series" U.S. Light Armored Vehicle LAV-25

#91013 "action series" U.S. Improved TOW Vehicle – M901A3

#80007 U.S. M142 HIMARS

#80021 U.S. M109 Self Propelled Howitzer

#80036 U.S. Light Armoured Vehicle - Baghdad, 2003

#85013 U.S. M113 Armored Personnel Carrier

#80202 U.S. M3A2 Bradley-Operation Iraqi Freedom
#85002 U.S. M3A2 Bradley - Baghdad

#80205 U.S. M1A1 Abrams™-Operation Iraqi Freedom
#85005 U.S. M1A2 Abrams™ - Baghdad
#85205 U.S. M1A2 Abrams
#90005 "Action series" U.S. M1A2 Abrams

#85019 U.K. Challenger - Baghdad
#80019 U.K. Challenger - Iraqi Freedom

#80209 U.S. Marines M60A1 Patton - Desert Storm
#90009 (action series) U.S. Marine M60A1 Patton Tank w/Reactive Armor
#80220 U.S. Marine Assault Amphibian Vehicle AAVP7

#80222 U.S. M270 MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System

#85015 Iraqi T-72 - Baghdad
#80015 Iraqi T-72-Operation Iraqi Freedom

see my art and model gallery at

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Officer - Captain
Officer - Captain

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i went ahead and entered modern units and other ww2 versions i don't personally own

this list may and most probably is, incomplete, so plz any missing or errors you see

see my art and model gallery at

Sun Jan 25, 2009 8:28 pm
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