so many talented guys with projects

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Crazy Kraut
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so many talented guys with projects

Post by Crazy Kraut » Fri May 03, 2019 12:05 am

It seems we have many talented guys here developing and producing custom project models for us. But unfortunatelly I recognize that the projects are doubled like the Hummel, Kettenkrad or STUG.
Think there is much to much work with not enough success for both Hummel-Projects. Same to the Kettenkrad which is ready made by Grunt and for sale right now at shapeways.
Is this only my thinking?? What does the growd mean??
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Re: so many talented guys with projects

Post by Crimson Pilot » Sat May 04, 2019 4:34 pm

I am just doing these for myself. i have no intention on selling or competing. The future is customs and creations for us at this stage. It has been for a while. Pickel has been a big driving force along with others. Without it there is not much left except RC. I am open to some reasonable challenges. Outside what I have in process I figure an Opel Blitz radio truck and some support trucks for the U.S. Maybe additional flak guns since I only have a single 88. I just want to catch up to what everyone else has currently in regards to variety. I have an ambitious plan for an armored train dio. That is a long way off.

Basically what I have currently (1:18) is listed below. This does not count the 3D prints I am doing. Most is 21st Century and a little BBI. I started to supplement it with paper models for a time. Paper models are not always simple or inexpensive. At this scale they can easily get pricey and time consuming so I backed off. EX: Enlarged print file BF109 + poster board + glue + plastic for window + skewer stick to support wings is around $20-25. Still got a paper Sturmtiger and Elephant Hull completed from a while back. Most of the bigger ones are $60-80 to just print. A paper B17 was $300-400 to print I think then the problems of reinforcing a paper model that big so it will last and not damage so easily. Cheaper and easier to buy a really close scale RC, so I did.

x4 Tigers
x1 Panther
x1 Maus (paper)
x2 Panzer 3 (1 paper)
x1 Jagdpanther (paper)
x4 Kübelwagen (1 paper)
x1 Indy motorcycle
x1 Indy Troop truck
x1 Indy command car
x2 half tracks
x2 Anti Tank gun
x1 88 Flak
x60ish Schutzstaffel
maybe 200 mixed Wehrmacht with maybe a dozen officers.
x7 BF109 (4 paper)
x2 Stukas
x1 ME 262
x1 V1 (paper)
Handful of pilots

small group of soldiers

x4 Shermans
X2 command car (Patton)
X3 Willy Jeeps
x2 Trucks (21st Century)
x3 Support Ford Trucks (2) Customized (1 Ambulance and 2 Fire)
x2 Half Tracks
X1 P51
x2 P40 (technically one is English markings but Lend Lease Act so it stays)
x1 B17 (RC)
x1 B25 (RC)
x1 P38

x1 1930s Ambulance (paper)
x2 Indy Crystal Skull tree chopping things
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Re: so many talented guys with projects

Post by Aracula » Sun May 05, 2019 3:08 am

I do not think of it as a competition either. I just like being to help avid collectors like myself expand there collections. I am glad to see other people doing projects and helping to keep the scale alive.

I do this because I enjoy it, I really do not make much if any money on it once I factor in the time and material it takes to do these projects. I am disabled, and this also helps to take up my time.

I will keep making the kits for others as long as the interest is still there, and once that is gone then I will continue to build just for me, as I am a craftier, and have been my whole life.

Going to keep charging full steam ahead.
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Re: so many talented guys with projects

Post by pickelhaube » Sun May 05, 2019 5:15 am

I agree 100% with Aracula .

Too many projects out there that need to be done.

I have no problem helping my fellow builders if I can .

And no problem them helping me !!!!!

Thank you guys for your interests.
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Re: so many talented guys with projects

Post by pizzaguy » Sun May 05, 2019 2:10 pm

I try to pick projects that I am passionate about and others might have an interest in. Typically I will scan the message boards before looking at a project and see if someone is already doing it. If it's being done, I'll Bookmark the page and move on.

Same as Aracula, What fun is it doing a one off and not being able to share it with other collectors? He is also correct, I don't think any of us go into it with the thought of retiring. Trust me.
My issue now is finding time to work on anything. Slow and steady as the turtle.

My ultimate goal is the F105D. I am trying to improve my skills with each build. After that if there is still any interest who knows.

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Re: so many talented guys with projects

Post by A-10LOADER » Tue May 07, 2019 7:45 am

A F-105 ??!! I believe there would be A LOT of interest in that one.


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Re: so many talented guys with projects

Post by zodiacflash » Sat May 18, 2019 7:22 pm

I had an uncle who flew the F-105D. Started off flying a few years in West Germany. Then he went to Vietnam. Did his 100 missions over the north and came back. He was real lucky a couple of times. Flew for a few years in the reserves after all that. I'd love to get a Thud in 1:18. Pizzaguy, if you make one, I will seriously consider. In fact, if you make a two-seater wild weasel, I am a definite YES.

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Re: so many talented guys with projects

Post by A-10LOADER » Tue May 21, 2019 9:48 am

There's one sale already Nathan.


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